PMA Membership and Race Registration Instructions

We are pleased to announce that online applications for PMA memberships and Race Registrations are finally online.   This is the first go and it's likely things will change and improve as we continue to progress on this steep learning curve. 


Please Read the instruction below carefully


Price increase

Unfortunately, despite the cancelled race season in 2020, the PMA still had certain costs that could not be avoided.  This year we have increased the cost of each race class by $10 in order to recoup some of these costs.  We will review the prices at this years AGM.  We are still quite low compared to racing in other leagues.  Additionally there is a small transaction fee we are charging to cover the payment processing fee.

PMA Memberships

If you are interested in racing more than twice you are required to purchase a PMA membership.

There are discounts available if you have multiple family members racing.  Pick the package that corresponds with your needs.

To purchase you membership package click the 2021 PMA Registration button below.  Choose your package.  You'll only have to pay once.  After your register and submit your first rider.  If you have chosen a family package, click register another rider button.   Make sure you click 2nd, 3rd or 4th rider at this point so you don't get double charged.  You will not get an email notification upon registration of additional riders only on the initial package that was purchased upon successful payment completion

Race Registration

You will need to enter much of the same information again to register for the upcoming race.

The Fort Nelson Online Race Registration will be available until Midnight on Thursday July 15.  Paper applications will also be available just in case there are some unforeseen problems.  

Please ensure that you enter your transponder number.  Carefully pick your classes because changing them is beyond the scope of the website at this time.

To Register for the Fort Nelson race click the Fort Nelson Race Registration button below and enter a form for each rider you are entering.

Day Passes

If you want to race in just one or two races you can simply fill out the Fort Nelson Race Registration by clicking the button.  Please ensure you click the DAY PASS option which is $25


Transponders are available in limited numbers but not available on the website at this time.

They are distributed on a first come, first served basis.



If you experience problems please email them to