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Frequently Asked Questions

New to the PMA and have questions....

How do I purchase a PMA Membership?


You can click on our link above and download the PMA Membership Registration! Fill out both sides of the document, E-mail to Once you receive confirmation of race number, you can EMT us the membership fee. Not into email and EMT transfers? Thats okay, you can print off a PMA Membership Registration form, fill out both sides and bring it to your first race of the year with the correct amount of money to pay for your membership.  (Membership fees are located on the Membership form).

What If I'm not sure I want to race yet, and just want to try it out?



The PMA has day passes you may purchase for $25.00, you are allowed two (2) day passes per season, if you chose to race after you've tried it, you may use the money from the two day passes towards your PMA membership.

How do I get an assigned number?


If you are a new member, when you are completing your registration from there is a spot to request a 1st choice number and 2nd choice number and 3rd! Once you have emailed you registration forms, the PMA Secretary will either confirm one of your 3 choices, or will give you a few number options to choose from! 


If you are wishing to renew your number, you have until first race of the season to retain your number, after that the PMA can no longer reserve that number for you and it may be assigned to someone else.

What Equipment is required to race?


  1. Transponder (50 cc 4-6 Excluded)  If you do not have a transponder and you intend on racing all year you must purchase one.  Transponder can be purchased at or flex transponder order form.php  

  2. Long sleeved motocross shirt/jersey

  3. Padded pants manufactured and advertised commercially as suitable for motocross

  4. Leather or hard plastic boots manufactured for motorcycle competition, minimum height 8" from the top of the sole, overlapping pants.

  5. Face Shield or goggles with soft or padded rims

  6. Approved racing helmets - must have manufacturer's original certificate of approval from Snell 1985 and/or CSA CAN 3D230-M85

  7. Gloves and chest protectors are MANDATORY.  Final decision as to legality or suitability of equipment rests with the Referee

  8. It is recommended that riders wear shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee braces and neck braces

How much will it cost to race?




  • Gate Fee - Every non rider will be charger $5.00

  • Camping fees will be charger at the discretion of the host club.

  • Race Day Registration $30.00 per class you are registering in.  (There is a printable race day registration form available.  It makes registration much quicker if you print this out and complete it ahead of time. 

  • If you do not have a transponder there are a limited number available to rent at the cost of $40.00 per day.  You will also need a driver's license or a credit card to be able to rent a transponder.  



What do I do when I get to my first race?




If you are not camping at the track make sure you arrive early.  Most riders walk the track to familiarize themselves with the track, check for lines, etc.

  • Registration begins a 7:00 am and ends at 8:00 am sharp.  If you do not have a PMA membership, you must get one before you can register for any races.  (Make sure you get a race day schedule when you register)

  • If you do not have a transponder there are a limited number available to rent for $40 a day.  When you rent one you will need to provide a driver's license or a credit card number.

  • Riders meeting is at 8:15.  Riders meeting is where you will learn about the flags, who the track marshall is, and any changes to the race schedule.  If you are noticed not in attendance at the riders meeting by the PMA executive, race day referee or track marshall, you shall have to start your first moto backwards.

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