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2014 Awards

50cc 4-6

3rd Place - Morgan Christie, 1st Place - Jaxon Moffatt, 2nd Place - Ethan Lewis

50cc 7-9

3rd Place - Ryler Moffatt, 1st Place - Jesse Christie, 2nd Place - Easton Hall


2nd Place - Nathan Sendziak, 1st Place - LT McDonell, 3rd Place - Easton Hall

80cc 7-11

3rd Place - Kaarben Greco, 1st Place - Reis Lepine, 3rd Place - Zane Lepine

80cc 12-16

2nd Place - Reed Merrick, 1st Place - Dylan Johnson, 3rd Place - Cole Sorensen

Ladies B

2nd Place - Nadine Fulcher, 1st Place - Crystal Wuthrich, 3rd Place - Christine LInd

MX1 Intermediate

3rd Place - CJ Wesloski, 1st Place - Chris Landaker, 2nd Place - Kyle Gaynor (not pictured)

Ladies A

3rd Place - Chelan Merwin, 1st Place - Carly Hill, 2nd Place - Myriah Bandy (not pictured)

MX1 Expert

2nd Place - Carson Burdock, 1st Place - Jon Sharpe Memorial Trophy - Adrian Bachman, 3rd Place - Jake Bussemakers

MX1 Junior

 2nd Place - Dustin Wesloski, 3rd Place - Trentyn Calloway (not pictured), 1st Place - Darwin Hayward (not pictured)


1st Place - Adrian Bachman, 2nd Place - Darin Graw, 3rd Place - Joel Colter

Vet Master

1st Place - Dale Merwin, 3rd Place - Bob Folk, 2nd Place - Darian Armstrong (not pictured)

MX2 Expert

2nd Place - Adrian Bachman, 1st Place - Trevor Brown, 3rd Place - Parker MacPhillamy (not pictured)

MX2 Junior

2nd Place - Daniel Sivorot, 1st Place - Clinton Sendziak, 3rd Place - Dylan Johnson

Vet Junior

2nd Place - John Lind, 1st Place - Devin Gaynor (not pictured), 3rd Place - Jason Ruecker (not pictured)


3rd Place - Tim Doll, 1st Place - Trevor Brown, 2nd Place - Carson Burdock

MX2 Intermediate

3rd Place - Dylan Brown, 1st Place - Spenger Cage, 2nd Place - CJ Wesloski


1st Place - Riler Cage, 3rd Place - Brody Farnsworth, 2nd Place - Charles Caven (not pictured)


2nd Place - Reed Merrick, 1st Place -Reis Lepine, 3rd Place - Dylan Johnson

Most Improved ( Big Wheel) - Carson Burdock

Outstanding Rider - Trevor Brown

Sportsmanship Award (Small Wheel) - Austin Lewis

Sportsmanship Award (Big Wheel) - Rob Fuhriman

Free Spirit Award - Dale Merwin

Rookie of the Year (Big Wheel) - Lucas McLean

Kory Davidge Memorial - Ryan Hill

Most Improved (Small Wheel) - Conrad Hall

Rookie of the Year (Small Wheel) - Griffen Pilsworth




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